About Me



Hi, friend! My name is Sarah Hopkins HARPER. On September 21, 2019, I will marry  MARRIED my best friend Jonathan, and become  BECAME Sarah Harper!

I serve as a Music Director at a church in my community and have a wide variety of interests including but not limited to: podcasts, travel, holistic health, nutrition, fashion, music, environmentalism, marketing, and documenting life with pictures. I’ve always been a lover of writing and sharing my experiences and viewpoints with others.

Fun Facts About Me:

  1. My least favorite instrument is the vibraslap.
  2. My favorite band is Hanson.
  3. I grind my teeth and bite my nails.
  4. love grocery shopping.
  5. I was voted Funniest in my 1st grade class.


I’m a woman in ministry and married to the cutest goob in the history of the world. Follow me along as I live my hectic, fun, musical life.