Fall Funk

So much has happened in the last few weeks. I’ll start with the best news. My lingering digestive symptoms I developed as a result of COVID-19 have stopped! I am off of medication for it and feeling really good.

I actually began feeling better the day we left for vacation. I made sure to feed myself extremely normal, usual foods while I was on vacation, as opposed to what I’d typically do. I focused on gut health and soothing herbal teas. I began taking a probiotic. I ordered tinctures from Earthley. I ordered desiccated beef liver capsules. I started up my herd share subscription once more so I could begin receiving local raw milk again and reap the benefits of all the good bacteria in it. I made my own bone broth in hopes it would do wonders for sealing my gut lining. I don’t actually know what the true issue was, but whatever I started doing helped.

Just before going on vacation, I unexpectedly landed a second job at a local gluten-free bakery in town that I have been a customer of for years now. I work three mornings a week, washing a lot of dishes and packaging orders. It’s kind of neat to live in this alternate reality where I can sample anything at the bakery. So far I’ve had a divine red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing, a vegan pumpkin muffin, a chocolate chip muffin, and a chocolate cupcake. This job is a blessing and also extremely dangerous!

I have now been working two jobs for two weeks and to be completely honest, I am extremely fatigued. I am hoping my energy levels can go up some so I can sustain this workload. On paper, it’s nothing I am incapable of. Perhaps I just don’t have the capacity. I will give it a few months before making that call. On top of the fatigue, I’m having some mood swings. I feel angry and anxious easily. I’m struggling to complete household tasks that I typically enjoy doing. I have to force myself to eat anything other than sugar and I don’t have the desire to cook like I am used to. I sincerely hope I do not slip into a depression. I have been THRIVING this year.

I’m drinking my water, staying on top of my medicine/supplements, seeing a counselor every two weeks, seeing a chiropractor every four weeks, waking up earlier —- OH.

I guess as I type this I should also mention part of my mental struggles this week is that I am also adjusting to a new sleep schedule. We have an eternal marriage dilemma of me being a morning person and Jonathan being a night owl. I can wake up early alone with no problem, however, it just feels wrong to go to bed an hour or so before him. There’s that. Hopefully, all of these changes will even out and I can perk up again and enjoy my favorite season to the fullest.

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