5 Ways I’m Prioritizing Self Care This Summer

Firstly, I just want to say that I’ve never been someone who makes it a point to prioritize self-care. The self-care emphasis wave I’ve watched take over in the last few years is not a movement that particularly speaks to me. From my vantage point, I think our culture as a whole is pretty self-serving anyways. It’s definitely how I tend to operate. But sometimes my self-prioritization looks like things that don’t actually serve me or my well-being, which is what led me here.

  1. Not Buying Sweets
    During the summer I have the opportunity to eat fresh fruit. Actually, today I am going with my husband to my pastors’ blueberry farm to pick some delicious blueberries. My goal this summer is to focus more on fruit, smoothies, and juice. I am trying to train my tastebuds to not want to devour an entire container of Nutella and instead crave a glass of OJ or some peanut butter-stuffed dates. It is definitely possible and I have succeeded in this before. If I want to grab gelato with my best friend when she’s in town (as I did last week), I do it. However, when grabbing ice cream/gelato this summer, I’m choosing to select a flavor that is light (ex: lavender) vs. decadent (ex: double chocolate). Not saying double chocolate is bad, it just makes me want to eat endless amounts.
  2. Diffusing Oils
    I have blogged many times about my love of essential oils. I enjoy how they can alter my mood and help me focus. I love associating different oils or blends with different activities. For instance, lavender + peppermint + lemon is a big springtime blend for me and takes me back to springtime of years past. Also, when I diffuse Purification, I am somehow ready to deep clean my entire living space. I recently diffused Frankincense as I practiced yoga, and whew! It was incredibly grounding and zen.
  3. My Evening Routine
    The steps that I take before bedtime can really set me up for success. Lately, I’ve really chosen to make this process a mindful one. I never go to bed with makeup on and lately I’ve been using reusable cotton pads with Micellar water. I apply my Bliss Vitamin C serum. I apply my homemade eyelash/eyebrow serum, which I got the recipe for off of Pinterest. It’s fractionated coconut oil, castor oil and lavender oil in a mascara tube. I apply rosemary essential oil to my temples to promote hair growth. I apply frankincense essential oil with rose ointment to my finer lines and under-eye area. I apply Genesis body lotion to my elbows. I apply Magnesium Lotion to my legs. I diffuse oils in my bedroom that promote restful sleep. Sometimes, I also apply my warm compress eye mask to help my dry eyes.
  4. Supplementation
    I have not gone crazy with supplements, but I have started taking a supplement that was highly rated on Amazon that is for Hair, Skin & Nails. I am working hard to promote hair growth in my temples and around my hairline. I’ve struggled with thin hair in those areas for about a decade, and now that my bleached hair is growing out, I’m suffering from a lot of breakage. It has not been long that I have been taking this supplement, so it is too soon to say if it is helpful yet, but I will just have to stick with it.
  5. Stretching
    This has been such a wonderful practice to implement into my day. I keep my yoga mat rolled out on the floor and that way, I have no excuse. It’s right there waiting for me. I basically am able to give myself a little chiropractic adjustment every morning. I like to put a drop of peppermint oil in my palm, rub my hands together and breathe it in (super invigorating), say a prayer, then I go into a mix of yoga and basic stretching. Being consistent certainly yields results.

These are pretty simple things for sure, and that was intentional. If a habit is costly, exhausting, and intricate to execute, I will not be able to sustain it. If you are looking at new things to incorporate into your self-care for the summer, consider whether or not the practice in question is one you can keep up.

Okay, work time!

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