The Holidays Are Coming!

I guess this is the calm before the storm. Today is November 15th. Next week is Thanksgiving and there are currently 47 days left of 2021.

Just wanted to do a little check-in before things really get crazy. Looking at my calendar now, there isn’t a lot of space remaining.

Am I in a better place (generally) than I was this time last year? Yup.

It’s safe to say I have a greater sense of community than I did last year. I am extremely involved in my church. I serve every Sunday I’m in town and I actually do the scheduling for the worship team now. Jonathan and I have been leading a small group with two other couples our age and it has been a great experience. I’m starting to feel like I’m fitting in at my workplace. I’ve been at my job since April, which was seven months ago.

I’m considering getting back into making music. I wrote a song the other day and I also recently decided to release a live version of my song “Bullet.” I’m in a band now that plays 80s music. I’ve been offered more creative opportunities through my church, which have all been very exciting.

I’ve got more of a sense of balance in my life lately. My mental health isn’t perfect but it is being well-managed. I am still seeing the same therapist I’ve seen since 2018 and it’s a really great experience getting to receive counsel from someone who’s walked through that many seasons of life with me. I had literally just gotten engaged when I began meeting with her. My physical health is okay. I’ve recently made some changes to what I’m eating and have managed to come back to my long-sustained general weight range. I’m generally more active, but it is never easy to motivate myself.

My hair spent 10 months blonde but I’ve since gone back to my “natural” color and it’s nice not having to pay for an expensive hair appointment every six weeks.

I don’t have the best handle on money. Truthfully, moving to this apartment really caught me off guard financially. I was not prepared for the shifts we have had to make due to the tripling of our rent expense. That’s hopefully going to be more under control in the year to come. We are a ways off from being able to afford a house. Also, the idea of buying a house actually really freaks me out.

As far as what is to come, I am gearing up for being a part of the Christmas Eve services for my church. I’m getting prepared for my second round of Whole 30 in January 2022. There are a lot of rehearsals, gatherings, and appointments for the rest of the year.


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