Apartment Life + Re-establishing Routines

As I write this, I am sitting in my living room with wet hair. I’ve just answered the door to receive a letter that was delivered by mistake to my very friendly Mormon missionary neighbor girls. I’ve just downed an iced coffee without my usual maple syrup since I’m trying to stay awake at least until the end of music team rehearsal tonight.

We moved! We finally took the plunge and upgraded our space. It’s been a wild ride, but I’m fairly close to being feeling fully moved in. We’ve spent the last couple weeks shifting all our stuff around, donating items, and getting used to our new situation.

We love our neighborhood so much. We can walk to so many things, which is a double edged sword for sure. It’s a safe area and it’s also minutes from my parents’ which is fine by me.

I’ve been regularly attending yoga classes at a studio not far from me. We got a Costco membership and I’ve been meal planning using items we can find there. We’ve been getting more and more rooted into our church community. I have started serving once again on the music team and also I’ve gotten involved in our Care Team. This past Sunday, I led three songs and then served a chicken and rice casserole that I made to people at a pot luck after church. It felt like sinking into my element.

Life is going pretty well, but now I need to focus on re-establishing my routines. It seemed to easy to stay motivated at my last place. I think it can all be attributed to natural light. Being in an internal unit, we only have natural light on the front and back sides of the apartment. In the house we lived in, we had natural light pouring in EVERYWHERE. I will adapt and I will overcome, but not until some better systems are in place. That’s why I’m working on a homemaking schedule! I’m trying to stay on track with my chores, health, and hobbies.

Since moving to the apartment on May 29, we have..
1. Had a neighbor knock on our door to complain about our bass as I watched the P!nk documentary on Amazon. Jonathan was trying to see what he could get away with.
2. Had our garbage disposal and dishwasher replaced (as of today! Yay!)
3. Had a pipe leak in our coat closet. This required emergency maintenance.
4. Discovered our upstairs Neighbor Dog has horrible anxiety and often howls during the day. Neighbor Dog also is heavy and stomps and paces.
5. Discovered our clubhouse key fob did not work and had to have it replaced.
6. Replaced our shower head because the one we were given is horrible.
7. Received my in-laws’ old dining table from their river house. I was very appreciative.
8. Gotten new bedding! My attempt to wash our comforter in our tiny washer left our original comforter in shambles. We now have turquoise bedding. Thanks, Mom.
9. Gotten a microwave. Also, thanks, Mom.
10. Acquired new bills. Stoked…

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