We are MOVING!

I must say, when I decided to cut back on work hours, go part-time, and really pour into my passion of homemaking…this isn’t exactly the timeline I thought would be before me.

First of all, just as the title says, yes, we are moving! We are pretty content with our choice. We had really desired a rental house in our county that was in our price range and pet-friendly, but honestly, it’s slim pickings. However, what we have gone with has a lot going for it!

  • Dishwasher. We have been handwashing dishes our entire marriage and this is perhaps the thing I’m second most excited about. I use a lot of dishes when I cook! I’ll admit it. This is going to make meal times less stressful.
  • Washer & Dryer. We have also been doing laundry off-site our entire marriage. There were a few times during our 2020 pandemic summer where I handwashed all our stuff and hung it on our landlord’s clothesline. While I love line drying clothes, hanging up our underwear right outside my landlord’s house was not exactly an enjoyable experience I would like to repeat.
  • Central Air. Of course we run into the highest of highs and lowest of lows with our crappy wall unit. What I’m most excited for is humidity control. Our dehumidifier is a workforce here in our rental home. It’s kind of gross, actually.
  • Bath Tub. I’m not a huge bath person. I don’t particularly love the idea of laying in a tub of your own filth. A bath tub is so much more than a place for baths!
  • Second Bedroom. We have not actually laid eyes on our unit yet. We have only seen the floor plans and a similar virtual tour online. However, more space is more space and yes, please. We will take it.
  • Dining Area. I’m a simple lady. I like a dining table to host other people at. Bring on the dinner parties. Bring on the small group. I’m here for it.
  • Larger Pantry. Our pantry does more than it looks like it does. We have always had a place to put our food. Okay, most times. The pantry in our apartment is next level. Tons of shelving. I’m grateful we wound up with a top notch pantry and weren’t just limited to cabinets. That is so not my style.
  • Great Location. Not only are we closer to our jobs and my parents, but we are within walking distance to restaurants, a post office, a coffee shop, my favorite nail salon, and a grocery store. We are going to feel like we live in a city.
  • Pet-friendly. So glad we can bring our child!
  • Rent that won’t kill us. This one’s obviously the most important. We are glad we found something! We are also glad it’s temporary.

So like I stated in the beginning, this is not what I expected. I didn’t expect to be trying to settle into homemaking while staring at a living room with packed moving boxes. It’s certainly odd and I’m having to give myself grace.

Our next chapter is unfolding in just 18 days! We cannot wait.

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