Harper’s a Homemaker

So much has happened since I last posted, but let me go ahead and get you up to speed! I have left my job in eyecare. I have had such a wonderful time learning and working with some amazing optometrists, but felt very called to leave fulltime work and pursue a part-time job with flexibility for things like homemaking, ministry, volunteering, and relationship building. What a privilege, by the way. I am grateful to God for leading me to this chapter and for my husband for always supporting me in the direction I feel called.

I have begun training in my new position, which I will eventually disclose more about, but for now, the focus is on the second half of my weekdays. My job takes place between 8am-12pm. So far, with my afternoons back, I have been able to complete tasks like laundry and meal prep before my husband gets home. That’s part of my objective with stepping into this lifestyle. If I’m going to be only working half a day, I’m going to make evenings and weekends more of what we love them to be: a time for togetherness and relaxing.

Up until this past week, laundry has been something that ate into our weekend hours or our evenings. Having that done before my husband gets home is such a blessing.

In the last few days, I also participated in my first volunteering opportunity. I had planned to volunteer with picking up litter on Earth Day at one of my local community centers. They notified me that the litter had been taken care of, but they could use some help in a few other areas. I ended up painting with a lady who happened to be an art teacher at one of the local schools. Poor woman, she probably spent the whole time judging my horribly underwhelming painting skills. However, it felt like I’d contributed! Not to mention, this particular building has been a part of my life in a few different ways and I was happy to give back in any way I could to better it. I also, just as I type this, joined the CARE team at church! I had already been serving in music, and now I have an opportunity to bring meals to people. I have only done this once before, but I have certainly improved my culinary skills since then and am looking forward to ministering to people in this way.

I have felt very nervous to share with people how I’ve stepped out of my stable full-time job to pursue part-time work with many other pursuits on the side. Everyone has been really supportive. Nobody has really questioned me on it. I had one friend who was slightly taken aback, but rightfully so! This is, after all, a left turn for me. I am fully aware.

I look forward to sharing more of my journey right here so stay tuned.

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