Whole 30, Health + Music

2021 started off with a bang! Just kidding. I actually had my most lowkey New Years’ of my life, but it was still memorable and a great time.

Here I am with “cousisters” Michelle and Savannah. NYE is kind of our thing.

Right out the gate, my husband and I began our first Whole30. For those of you unfamiliar with what the Whole30 entails, it is a 30-day reset where you eliminate all grains, all legumes, alcohol, dairy, soy, and added sugar for 30 days and then strategically reincorporate them back in to see how your body responds. It’s not a forever thing, but ultimately is likely to (if followed to a T) give you takeaways that you take with you throughout your life.

Being someone that just the previous year did an elimination of dairy and wheat, my findings were not monumental. I did not choose to reincorporate wheat/gluten, as it is no longer a part of my diet due to what I’m deeming allergies. Upon reincorporating dairy, my skin went absolutely nuts. My cystic acne in the chin/hormonal acne area flared up like it had not in years! I am actually still dealing with some residue of this breakout. It has not been a fun time. My husband also participated in Whole30 with me and as suspected, we found that dairy is his worst enemy. It has certainly influenced his food choices since.

Needless to say, Whole30 was a lot of time and energy spent, and we are very proud that we stuck with it.

I also began serving regularly at church. This has mainly meant playing keys. I filled in once on acoustic guitar, but it’s just not the same fun to me, and I’m glad I’m not having to play it more than I have. It’s nice to be playing in a band again and also as plugged in as I am now at my new church home.

I also chopped my hair off!

We also finally got to get away this past weekend, which was a trip snow tubing with parents and cousin Forrest. Of course, we ended up with sinus infections upon returning.

Not to mention, my husband and I are completely obsessed with our cat, Whimsy. She has many loving nicknames such as, but not limited to: Baby Cat, Little Girl, Little Lady, Baby-Darlin, Sweetheart, Whimsy-Girl, Whim-sickle…etc.

Above is a picture of her, wearing her protective onsesie following her spaying. She absolutely adored fires and I think she may be a huge fan of winter. For her, it means an entrancing fire and even more cuddling than usual.

Health has been such a weird thing for me. It’s kind of always something. Generally speaking, I am a healthy and young person. However, one thing has rolled right into another. This year, I’ve been working hard to get vaccinated. I am eligible due to the direct patient contact aspect of me working in healthcare. At my appointment, I was turned away and given what is basically a permission slip for my doctor to review and sign indicating that he/she thinks it is safe for me and a wise choice to receive the vaccine, given my history which for me personally, involves to adverse reactions to the flu vaccine dating back to 2011 and 2014.

My doctor scheduled a telehealth visit with me and he reviewed everything with me, and ultimately told me I should be fine, following observation, since I have not had an anaphylactic response to anything. Just what I thought! The real unfortunate things is now there are no available appointments for me to be administered my first shot. I am on a waiting list, which is all I can do at this point.

On top of my pursuit to receive the vaccine, my employer got absorbed by a larger management company, which seemed like the best thing, but the transition has been rocky to say the least and none of our insurance information has been ironed out. I have a dentist appointment coming up that I would rather not cancel, and nobody representing our management can return an email and verify even if they have all the paperwork they need for me to be enrolled in dental coverage, which I submitted to multiple individuals two weeks ago. This has been stressful to say the least. I have already been on three rounds of antibiotics this year, in pursuit to kick my first UTI, which seemingly held on for its dear life until the end. I also am at what I believe is the tail-end of a gnarly sinus infection from my snow tubing trip. I tested negative and my husband tested negative as well, which has (thankfully) eased our minds about virus concerns. This sinus infection is playing out in me the way every other sinus infection has. Throat….sinuses….LUNGS. Right now I’m taking meds for chest congestion every four hours. It’s always a party with my crazy body!

As far as music goes, I have to be honest, my goals have shifted. I went into the year with the lofty goal of recording seven songs. Now, however, I just am not excited or motivated to proceed at the rate of completion I had last year. In the coming months, my schedule is likely to open up, and the creative juices perhaps will flow again, but I am so incredibly creatively stifled right now, there is no way I could push myself to do all that right now.

My husband and I are on the brink of a new season and we are so excited to jump in together. Before you ask — NO. I am not pregnant. But, life is going to change. I can’t wait to share!

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