Ending Strong

I think it goes without expounding upon, but I’ll state the fact: 2020 was a bust. It’s meant pain, financial hardship, loss, isolation for a lot of people. I haven’t been exempt from it all. I come to you today with a message of silver linings. Things are looking up.

I’m closing out the year with an EP, a single, and a Christmas release all behind me. I will have served at four different campuses for the church I am now a member at. In the next week alone, I will play an original song for an event designed to spread a message of hope for those hurting during the holidays. I will also be a part of a virtual event for a local historic theatre. I’m serving on the worship team for my friend’s campus of the church I attend. I’ll also get the final mix for my Christmas release.

I’ve spent this year going through grief. I’ve made the tough decision to cut ties with people who were very present in my life for three years. I spent time unemployed. I eventually found my new job and took a significant pay cut. I learned a lot about working in optometry and dealing with insurance. I also went a step further and began my training in the contact lens department. I’m able to look back in pride at the decision to just go for it already and begin recording my original music. I don’t know why it took me so long to run out of excuses why I shouldn’t. I spent time this year feeling isolated before lockdown even hit. I’ve become a part of new communities.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I feel like I’m closing out this year strong. I’m also closing it out in good health, which is the best of all. Not gonna lie to you, though. As an extremely anxious person, I’ve spent almost every day since mid-March with immense fear about contracting COVID-19. My behavior has not always reflected this. Trust me, though. It’s a frequent worry. This virus is a real thing.

I’m finding it harder and harder to envision my future, due to the way the pandemic has just completely changed our lives. However, I do see life this time next year being a lot better than it is right now. Who knows.

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