Fall Has Come

It is here. My soul is revived. It is revived by connecting to my new church home through a small group (virtually). It is revived through the release of my original music, which has been quite a long time coming. It is revived through a new morning routine, which involves waking up at 5:30am and exercising. It is revived through the smell of a Leaves candle and the gluten-free pumpkin bread currently baking in my oven. It is revived through bonfires and hoodies. It is revived since last week I spent a week away at the beach with my in-laws.

I greet the new season with a sense of hope in my heart that frankly has not been there in about eight months.

I’ve introduced new healthy habits, which I’m doing (of course) in an effort to take better care of my health, but also because I am now a week removed from a week-long vacation in which where I decided to eat like I was on vacation. I don’t regret the Thai food or the three chocolate-Butterfinger DQ blizzards I had, but I feel more motivated to treat my body better, especially as we enter a season of more and more comfort food eating.

Some things I’m most enjoying these days:

  1. Sheet pan roasted vegetables (especially butternut squash and mushrooms)
  2. Getting in a serving of spinach or kale every day
  3. Walks nearby my house
  4. The Millennial Homemakers Podcast (old episodes…I’m late to the party)
  5. Fleetwood Mac, baby!

Good things ahead…

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