The EP is coming!

It is August now. It just so happens to be my least favorite month of the year, but this is 2020 and as we have learned…anything goes. It could be great.

It has been a busy last few weeks, but in the best way. My experience serving and directing with the church I mentioned in my previous post was absolutely phenomenal and truly healing. Also, recording my EP has been a really good time as well.

Track 1 is done and in two days, I’ll go in to record track 3. It’s been really fun getting to work with some of my favorite people and seeing the attention to detail they are putting into things. I’ve gotten pictures taken for the EP and I’ve got a friend working on album art. My music is protected and I’ve bought a distribution package so I can drop the EP at midnight on September 18. It’s all happening.

In other news, my husband got a new job that we are both excited about in our local public school system. I also became eligible for benefits through my employer, which honestly was really cool. It’s nice to finally have dental insurance for the first time in a long time! Also, my employer announced they will go back to their pre-COVID Friday hours starting in September, which means we’ll get off at 2pm. I’m pretty excited.

Also, vacation is just over a month away. This has been holding me together all year. The hope of a week in a massive ocean-front beach house in my favorite part of the Outer Banks…..what a nice thought.



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