A New Beginning

Friends, life is changing. I have accepted a job offer. This job is one that I interviewed for right before quarantine began. I will be working as a patient representative at a local eye care practice.

I am immensely grateful to get a new job, especially during a pandemic, while people are losing jobs right and left. However, it will most certainly be an adjustment. My previous job was dubbed my “dream job.” I got to use all the skills I had worked for and the education my parents invested in. This new chapter in my life will mean that I am starting from the ground up. I don’t know anything about this line of work. I’ve never even worn scrubs before.

It saddens me a little, because this new chapter comes at a time where it’s becoming clearer and clearer what I actually want to strive for in life. My dream now is to be a homesteader, a homemaker, and a songwriter. Saying those words out loud to my husband were a little scary. I was scared because this is quite a pivot, and I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about a life with a wife following those passions. My husband just took the news like a champ and didn’t flinch or cringe at my admission. I don’t know why I was scared after all.

So that’s my new dream, guys. But I know that I am on this new journey for a purpose and I will work unto the Lord in the meantime. I’m glad that I get to take this week to process emotionally and prepare my heart to do the work I’ll be doing. I could find a new passion in this new environment, and I am open to that possibility. At the same time, I pray that my dream will be come to fruition sooner than later.


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