Ditching My Brown Thumb + Gardening Projects

It’s been on my to-do list for a while now to become a decent gardener. However, I’ve never longed for time spent with my hands in the dirt or sweat dripping down my neck, so I’ve ultimately always chosen comfort over…well, work.

This year, obviously, life looks a little different. Not only am I married and living on a decent amount of rented land, but there’s also quarantine and my lack of a job. So, what’s a girl to do? Go out and get started on those garden projects I’d never gotten around to.

For my birthday, my mom got me a red carnation (?…I think) plant, which is dying a slow and painful death. I have planted two bell peppers (one red, one green) in individual planting containers. I have a small pot with lavender in it, which I’m really hoping works out, because who doesn’t love some lavender? I thought I would be seeing some Morning Glories running up the tower with our hanging bird feeders by now, but we have had no such luck.

Our big project, which was truly my husband’s project, is our raised garden box. It’s a pretty tall wooden container that we put together about a week ago and I’ve planted zucchini, rosemary, onions and spinach. Spinach has come up fast! We already have two little sprouts peaking up through the soil. I’m watering it and being very attentive like a good plant mother. After seeing the receipt for all the stuff, you bet I’m taking care of it.

I’ve also been enjoying the use of my compost buckets once again. I’ve noticed that our trash has been reduced too, since keeping all organic material ready to head to the woods instead of the landfill. I’m kind of hoping that next year I go to the compost spot and discover that leftover scraps have grown into a plant of some sort. I hear that kind of thing happens.


In unrelated to garden news, my husband and I have been working our way through One Tree Hill. It’s a show I’m no stranger to, but I’ve apparently forgotten quite a few little plot points and details. I’m really enjoying it. I love the world that was created within Tree Hill. My husband and I have talked about visiting together in the future. I had the privilege to go back in 2015 and I visited a few shooting locations, such as Brooke Davis’ childhood home, Lucas Scott’s childhood home, and the River Walk.

I’ve also done some work for Instacart lately, which is fun. I’ve found a way to keep it relaxed, which is just by taking orders from my local Aldi, where I do my grocery shopping. The limited amount of people, familiarity, limited stock….it all helps me stay sane and not feel like I’m taking on some impossible mission like I did when I tried the service out in March. That was terrible, but I’ve since gained plenty of perspective.

My husband came down on Saturday with a gnarly case of pink eye that seems to be rapidly improving thanks to prompt medical care and some prescription eye drops. Due to the infection and how contagious it is, he had to sit out services on Sunday morning and be home with me. I’ve gotta say….it was really nice having him with me. Watching church at home all alone kind of sucks, especially when you used to be a part of those services. Yet, I put myself through it week after week, hoping it’ll get easier.

Today it is hot in my hometown and I am writing this post out on my patio, enjoying the breeze, but hoping I don’t sweat my straightened hair curly, as I usually do on the hot days. I am grateful for what I have, but I pray to God that there’s a wind of change blowing. I’m ready for a new chapter. Housewife Sarah was a fun part to play, but I never thought it was forever.

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