Contentment While Quarantined

I’ll preface everything I say with this, I am still very much in my grieving process due to resigning from my job at the beginning of March. My life is not a picnic and I am not immune to struggles. But I am capable of making the choice in every moment to choose to focus on the good in my life, because there is always quite an abundance. 

This morning is a peaceful one. I made myself a delicious iced matcha latte and have already journaled some, done some dishes, made a to-do list, spent time in scripture, and seen my husband off for work. I am enjoying this season as a makeshift housewife. It’s everything I wasn’t sure I wanted. I have found a lot of joy in this season of life. My home is extremely small and without some modern amenities (as I have probably mentioned numerous times), however, I look around and I feel joy and excitement. I’m not exaggerating. I love my home and what I am able to do in it.

I find contentment in this season because it has forced me to slow down. I have spent the majority of this year to date in this house and as a result, I have completely settled in. I’ve only lived with my husband since the last few days of September 2019, which is just under 7 months at this point. In the beginning, it was a bit difficult to really make myself at home. After all this downtime and slow living over the last few weeks, I am completely one with this house. I know how to occupy my time. I love caring for my space. I see the potential it holds.

Here are a few simple ways that I have remained (Mostly. Refer back to the first bit!) joyful during this season and in an attitude of gratitude.

  1. I spend time in scripture. For me right now, this looks like spending a lot of time in my YouVersion Bible app. I’ve had an account for about 5 years now and not only do I love it because you have access to several translations, but I also have a log of all my Bible highlights throughout the years. Just looking through my highlights, I am able to revisit scripture that has spoken to me, and as scripture does, it is speaks to me in a new fresh way. In this time of isolation with few obligations (at least for me), I find few excuses not to return time after time to the Word of God. My challenge for myself is to consume more scripture than current events.
  2. I consume “other content” from people who spark joy. I am a frequent podcast listener and YouTube viewer. As far as what type of content I lean towards, it’s really a mix of women content creators that make content consisting of oils, nutrition, homesteading, cooking, minimalism, a dash of entrepreneurship, faith, and motherhood. My favorite podcasts these days are: Homemaker Chic, Simple Farmhouse Life, the Homemaking Foundations Podcast, the Goal Digger Podcast, and Old Fashioned on Purpose. My favorite YouTubers these days are: Sarah Therese, The Elliott Homestead, Farmhouse on Boone, Becca Bristow, Mrs. Midwest, Moriah Robinson, and Elle Fowler. I also follow social media accounts that I truly care about. I try to eliminate content on my feed that I’m not eager to see. Scrolling past people I follow out of some sort of social obligation is actually a waste of time to me. The mute button is a useful tool on Instagram, by the way.
  3. I journal every day. Okay, so I miss days. I’m a human being. But, I try to keep a consistent practice of getting real with myself and getting all my “junk” out. I am a highly emotional, slow-processing person and journaling has ALWAYS been an effective way to keep me grounded. I have kept a journal through much of my life and it is so fun to look back on.
  4. I practice gratitude. This is something I preach constantly. It’s hard to focus on what you lack when you drown it all out with gratitude for all that you have. Stop for a second. Even if terrible things have happened to you lately, I guarantee you that you have some God-given blessings that you can praise God for and be grateful for. Stick to this practice and your heart will change.
  5. I cook for my husband. Right now, I am unemployed, however, I am choosing to identify myself as a full-time wife. My greatest gift and thing to tend to right now is my marriage. It always was, but in taking away the responsibility of a job, I have shifted fully into the mindset of taking care of my husband in the ways that I am able inside our home. The greatest way that I have been able to do this lately is to cook for him. I’m trying to make our dinners each day something that he can look forward to at the end of a work day. He’ll even text me around lunch time and ask what’s for dinner now. It’s a blessing to have the ability to do this for us and as someone who generally enjoys cooking to start with, I’m having fun.


If you are a person who is struggling in this season of quarantine to find contentment, I advise you to get quiet with yourself and make a list of things you’re grateful for. Start there and then really lean into those things. Grateful for your groceries? Make a meal to bless your family. Grateful for your plants? Tend to them and watch them grow. We reap what we sow, guys. If we want contentment, we’re going to have to be still, and choose it over and over again. It is possible even in this time. I hope that I have been an example of that to you and that it encourages you to seek what is already good in your life.


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