Quarantine: What I’m Watching

Sometimes, when I’d have a busy week at school or even at work, I would daydream about a flu or just a general few days where I had to stay at home but would still have the energy and interest to just binge watch TV. I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t that what a Saturday could be for? You’re so right, but planning to binge on TV on the weekends just always seemed like a waste of time. The idea of watching an absurd amount of TV while I recovered from a minor, yet contagious illness, that always somehow seemed enticing. I would think about all my favorite movies I’d already seen and could quote and how I’d try to just watch one after the next all day long.

Well, friends. This has kind of become my reality. 

Minus the illness. Minus the only watching movies. What things actually look like is something constantly in the background while I keep myself busy as to not go insane in quarantine. I’m a natural homebody/introvert who can find joy in housework, so I’m not doing too shabby after all, but I do like to hear people while I do whatever I’m doing. I like the sound of familiar dialogue in the background. I think that’s actually fairly common. It also helps me not feel alone, which honestly is really great, since I am pretty alone all the time.

I’m fortunate lately to have a handful of subscription services. I watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and my beloved and free YouTube. Without further ado, let’s look at some of my most favorite things to binge these days.


The Office. I had to start with the best, ya know? The Office via Netflix has been there for me through various breakups over the past seven years. No joke. It has made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry and nothing else was helping me break through the fog. It’s having the same effect for me now. People who don’t enjoy this show really are just not my people.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This is one of those shows I don’t like to necessarily watch while I’m doing other things just because the one-liners go so fast. It takes a little more focus to fully enjoy. This show is so off the wall and honestly a little inappropriate, full disclosure. Nevertheless, “Pinot Noir” is a jam.

Parks and Recreation. This show, much like The Office and many other shows, has a first season that is super hard to get through, but once you get to about Season 3, things get easier. That’s where I typically like to jump in for a re-watch. Forever jealous of Rashida Jones for being in both The Office and Parks and Rec. I’m not even interested in acting, but to be around those casts, what a dream!


The Pioneer Woman. Did I buy multiple seasons of this show just to feel like I’m back in Oklahoma, being fed by a woman with dry humor, and never too far from a wonderful basset hound? I don’t know, maybe. I stinkin’ love Ree Drummond and her show. If you don’t already love her show or if you have access to live TV, this is not going to necessarily be the purchase for you, but this is definitely something I return to time after time. She plays in the background while I cook dinner quite often.

I’m generally not a fan of what Amazon has to offer for free for movies and TV. I’m open to suggestions, though.


Fixer Upper. I don’t care about the home buying process. I don’t care about renovation. I  watch for Chip and Jo and their relationship just like everybody else. This is fun to half-watch and just to listen to their banter from afar.

One Tree Hill. This show probably ties with The Office for my #1 favorite show of all time. I think it’s such a great storyline start to finish and honestly has a ton of Biblical imagery and tie-ins, which is my favorite thing to share with people about the show. You have to really look for some of it. I’ve seen all nine seasons multiple times over, so if I really just want some feel-good nostalgia in the background of my life, this show is chosen.


Boy Meets World. What a time to be alive. For years, I’d see the season DVDs in Walmart and they would be super expensive, so I passed them by and held on to memories of the episodes I watched on TV as a kid. This show had so much heart and told such a great story.

Lizzie McGuire. I’m a girl born of the 90’s, baby! Hilary Duff was all I ever wanted to be and this show was all I ever wanted to watch. Now, at 27….it’s an option.


Becca Bristow
Farmhouse on Boone
The Elliott Homestead
Elle Fowler

Also…. All three seasons of Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica are on YouTube (obviously with terrible resolution). I’ve definitely watched a lot of that.


In my movie collection, I’ve watched quite a few of my favorites:
Sweet Home Alabama
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Runaway Bride
She’s the Man
School of Rock


In conclusion, I’m very fortunate to have access to all this entertainment. Now, back to housework and the distant sounds of Lizzie McGuire.

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