Quarantine Realities

Firstly, I want to point out something that I did not expect about myself for this time. I have adapted pretty stinking well. I have a lot of sustainable habits I’ve picked up especially over the last year. It’s not rocket science to hand wash our clothes. I happen to have an assortment of severely helpful kitchen gadgets that make meal prepping easier. My husband and I had a lot going for us.

I have been able to remain relatively upbeat and positive thus far. I have had my waves of sadness, just as anybody else. I’ve spent a lot of time this year grieving. Sure, I haven’t lost a loved one, and thank God for that. However, January I was grieving my ability to eat like a normal person. I was desperate for an answer for my medical problems that thankfully came through a diet change. February was an emotional month that led to me resigning from my position on March 5, and the month of March held the grief of that loss as well as grief of a world I once knew.

I believe the whole world is undergoing their own version of grief right now.

The world has changed. We are not able to live the lives we used to. It’s just a fact right now, unfortunately.

Some of the things that I’ve been doing differently lately are the things I listed above –

  1. I have been hand washing all of our laundry in the sink in our bathroom. My husband and I are in our first living situation, which is renting an old house right next to our landlord. It’s kind of an in-laws’ suite type of deal and it’s a little on the primitive side by today’s standards. There is no dishwasher or laundry area. However, we have what we need. We’re making do.
  2. I saw my primary care physician virtually. Now, honestly, I have no idea how this is going to fare with insurance, so I may be singing a different tune in a month or so when I get the bill. However, seeing my doctor virtually for some chest congestion rather than going out in all this craziness was a blessing and not awkward at all. Also, I wore pajamas, so winning!
  3. I saw my counselor virtually. I currently have connections to two Christian counselors – one male, one female. My female counselor is the one I’ve been seeing for quite a while now. She actually gave birth to her second child last week and is now on maternity leave for about three months. My male counselor is awesome too and we met virtually last week. It was a really positive experience. It didn’t affect the depth of the session and it kept us both safe.
  4. I ordered Instacart groceries. This is not something I have never done before but it certainly is an infrequent thing. I tipped generously, sent my delivery person positive messages through the app (no joke), and thanked them through my kitchen window as they unloaded the bags onto my porch. After they departed, I did wipe everything down that I could with the few Lysol wipes we have currently.
  5. My birthday gifts this year were almost exclusively monetary (grateful for any gift always) and they went to very practical things. For instance, two of my cousins sent me Amazon gift cards digitally and I bought bulk paper towels and toilet paper. Solimo, the Amazon brand has been my go-to for restocking our household paper products.

We are by no means suffering at this time, praise the Lord, but we sure do miss seeing our families in person. We were on the other side of town today to run to the bank, and on the way back we swung by my parents and talked to them from a safe distance out in the driveway. It was a nice treat but I’m ready to come inside and hug my sister-cat. Until then…

I have a lot of anxiety about my re-entry into the workforce. I will indeed get another job, but I must admit I am in no hurry. I am blessed to be supported by my husband’s income right now and I am blessed to have a home that I can be safe in while we all avoid this awful virus.

I’m diffusing a lot of “happy” oils/blends, dedicating time to stretching and journaling, and drinking plenty of water. I’m baking and being creative in simple ways. I’m also getting along well with my husband. I tell you what! Nothing like a pandemic to show a newlywed whether or not they married the right person. Good news on our end.



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