I turned 27.

I looked forward to my golden birthday for a long time. It wasn’t bad, but it was certainly not the birthday I was expecting it to be.

Jonathan and I went for a walk at a trail nearby and upon arrival, we got in a stupid fight and ended up taking separate paths. Honestly, we just needed a little break from each other and that’s okay. We’re good now.

It was a pretty chill day until dinner time. My parents dropped off Thai food from our favorite local spot. They also dropped off a gift for me and watched me open it from afar. Jonathan and I scarfed down our food and then it was time to go Facebook live. I prepared eight songs to share with the internet and it ended up being a really great time.

It’s been a really nice time if you ask me. Quarantine is not ideal and my lack of a job does make me a little on edge. Rejection emails are my least favorite emails to get. I’m trying to make the best of everything and be creative, grateful, and useful around the house. I have spent the last two days working hard on doing our laundry by hand. It’s quite the process.

I’ve made it a practice on Instagram of sharing a bunch of things I’m grateful for every morning (in gifs and emojis, of course). Here are a few of the top things I’m grateful for these days:

  1. Health insurance
  2. A place to live and the ability to pay rent
  3. My husband
  4. Essential workers
  5. My mad homestead skills



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