Progress. I’ll take it.

I am very happy to report that I have been feeling better ever since I have eliminated dairy, wheat, and sesame. I also have improved the lingering sensation of stuck food bits in my throat by gargling immediately after each meal with a product called Alkalol.

I still have a week to go before my follow-up appointment with my specialist. At this point, I’m really not hungry for a diagnosis or a name I can slap on myself to explain away what I’ve been going through. I do want an explanation for why I’ve gone through this ordeal. I can make myself feel better without the doctor’s help, but there is a new problem in my life. I’d like to make some sense of it.

My symptoms (or lackthereof) is a dying point of conversation these days, since I’ve stopped being so shocked and outraged by what life has thrown me. This is my new normal. I’ve figured out how to manage.

Now that I’ve gotten a decent handle on things with my esophagus, I feel like my new year can finally start. I can start working towards my goals that I had for myself for the year. I’ll kick off a month of drinking enough (hopefully, MORE) water each day on Saturday, as I planned to.

As far as Whole 30 goes, I was intending to kick off the plan on January 1, but obviously that did not work out. At this point in time, I have no plan to complete Whole 30, just due to the new restrictions I have in place. I’m not going to further limit myself. It’d be ridiculous, in my opinion. However, something good that has come out of my Whole 30 researching has been that I can still eat anything in the book I bought, and much of what is within my eating plan for myself is Whole 30-applicable. I look up Whole 30 recipes on Pinterest as well as Paleo ones.


On a wonderful side note to this post, I held a meeting for my Music Team yesterday and we had 21 volunteers show up. I cannot even handle how shocked I was (and still am). I had to keep bringing in chairs from other rooms. What an excellent problem.

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