My Endoscopy Experience

Now that my procedure is behind me, I can share a little bit about what it was like. My mom picked my husband and I up from work and drove us to the endoscopy center, which was about 20 minutes away. The ladies in the office were funny, so it was all off to a great start. Then, a nurse called my last name and it was time for me to walk alone. I followed her through a door into the back of the facility where the procedures took place and immediately, I was overcome with emotion. My emotions ranged from confused (the GI doc’s office was pristine and new) to fear (this place looks dirty and old…am I safe here?) to actual anger (I was not an easy patient…).

My initial nurse was not the most compassionate person. I was clearly emotional and scared and she knew that this was my first procedure. She didn’t give a flying fart in space. She also was rude to her hard-of-hearing coworker after interacting with me! The IV wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. I’ve had some bad needle experiences.

One thing I did not understand is why I had to ask for a tissue from these nurses when I was bawling my EYES out! I couldn’t get out of the bed they put me in. Geez, people!

I was stuffy-nosed by the time my nurse that would be with me during the procedure came in. She was an actual ball of sunshine. Thank God for her. Even my anesthesiologist was excellent. Once in the room where the procedure took place, my bed faced a fake window with a riverside view. The nurse began to put a few monitors on me. The blood pressure monitor was not working properly and I felt my hand going numb. It wasn’t releasing pressure as it was supposed to. I brought it to her attention and she adjusted it. Then, the tube sending air to the sleeve kept popping off. That only heightened my anxiety.

Great. A facility that looks old and dirty and has faulty equipment. Who knows what’ll happen while I’m out?!

They had me roll completely over til I was propped up on my left side. They placed a mouth piece in my mouth and that is all I remember before I woke up.

When I woke up, I was very groggy but I was very chatty. I wish I’d just laid there and napped some. But no, I immediately started bothering the nurse I could see. Once I got chatty enough, she offered me a ginger ale and helped me get dressed so she could roll me out.

One part of this whole deal that I’m not a fan of is that you don’t personally speak with your doctor following the procedure. They’ve moved on to the next patient. They speak to your driver. There was no sign of anything that they could see wrong in my esophagus. Good news. They decided to widen my esophagus a little just to see if it gave me some relief. Update: no relief.

What I am waiting for now is the results from the biopsies they took. My esophagus definitely feels different.

Afterwards, Mom took us to Chipotle. I got a chicken burrito bowl. It was delicious. Everything went down fine, which is something that the specialist revealed to me. There is no reason food would be getting stuck. It is now likely just a problem of the sensation that something is stuck. If that’s the case, let’s just take care of it!

That said, I had the sensation that rice was stuck in my throat hours later. 

I’m still on my nutritional shake/baby food/ice cream diet. It’s certainly way past “getting old.” I want some really spicy and savory food! I’m certain I’m going to have a lot of fear surrounding food once I start incorporating ordinary food back into my diet. That’s going to be interesting to navigate.

So I’m waiting on those biopsy results to come back already so I can figure out some next steps. I am completely done with all these bills as I try to figure out what’s going on. I never knew that regaining my peace of mind around eating was going to cost me so much! An ER bill, a CT scan bill, doctor’s office visits, a counseling session….wheeewie! This was supposed to be a year of frugality. Now it’s a year of forced frugality. I’m also having to set aside some goals I had for this month. I was going to do Whole 30. I was going to go to a conference in Nashville. Ugh…

My teammates and my coworkers have been really supportive through all of this. My coworkers got together and prayed for me with my mom right before we left for the endoscopy on Thursday. I thought that was really great of them. I hope to update you soon with what the next step is for me.



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