2019 in Review

I’m finding this post a particularly fun thing to share, since much of my life was lived quietly this year. Refraining from posting on social media meant often feeling sneaky and often meant feeling left out.

Let me go ahead and just admit….this was a big yearIt was big and important and adventurous without providing anyone with a play-by-play. But I will admit, I missed posting on Instagram stories like you would not believe.

Let’s start back in January! In January this year, I visited some students at a local elementary school and played guitar for them, as they learned about sound and instruments. I made Joanna Gaines’ biscuits. We got snowed out of church and watched our pre-recorded church service online from home. A Chipotle opened up close to where I work! I listened to my now-favorite book (Wild by Cheryl Strayed) on Audible. I started my journey with “local” dairy by purchasing milk from Kroger from a farm in my state. My dad started his new job. I provided music for a funeral. My husband and I started pre-marital counseling. I went on a hike with my husband.

In February, I did my taxes, because, well, I had to. I went to see my high school chorus teacher play a local show. I started composting. I rode on a race track. I got a wedding caterer. I had a meeting with my volunteers that went well. My husband bought me an Instant Pot. We were thrown an engagement party. I provided music for another funeral. I got sick. My husband got a root canal. I started making yogurt. I ate meat for the first time in two years. I got personalized license plates.

In March, I went on a bachelorette weekend with my friend Emily. I started a sourdough starter for the first time. I turned 26. My dad retired from the Army. We took engagement pictures at the beach. A stone fell out of my engagement ring. I made vanilla extract for the first time.

In April, I started taking advantage of my husband’s Prime benefits. I made a candle for the first time. I had a dinner with my volunteers. I stopped being vegetarian. I cooked a whole chicken for the first time. I was a part of three Easter services. I went to the zoo. I shared an original song with my church. I made a pot roast for the first time. I scored highest in “Leadership” on a Spiritual Gifts Assessment.

In May, I watched The Act on Hulu. My dad sold my car and I bought his. A stone fell out of my engagement ring again. I went to Lift at Passion in Atlanta. I was a bridesmaid in my friend Emily’s wedding. I went to Rodanthe for a few days. I provided music for a wedding in the mountains. My cousins and maids of honor left for Coast Guard boot camp.

In June, I saw Hanson perform. I made bone broth for the first time. I joined a herdshare and started receiving raw milk. I went to a local strawberry faire with my cousins. I dabbled with CBD salve for the first time. I made a lot of smoothies with spirulina. I dealt with a big insurance fiasco. I tried fermenting pickles and jalapeños, only to realize I didn’t like them. I dog sat for a stranger.

In July, I directed a music service. I found the cookie vendor for my wedding. I had a beach day. My cousins came back from boot camp. My family went on a charter fishing boat. I was an adult leader for my church’s youth at summer camp.

In August, I went on the best bachelorette weekend ever. I hosted and organized an Open Mic Night. I was thrown two wedding showers. Mine and my husband’s volunteers got together to celebrate our upcoming wedding. I was diagnosed with costochondritis. I randomly ran into my friend Ian who lives in Minnesota. My coworkers threw my husband and I a wedding party. We got our marriage license.

In September, I got married and everything before the wedding for this month seems pretty insignificant. We had the best honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains. I met baby cows at the farm where my milk comes from. I saw the movie Judy in theaters. I joined a small group at church with my husband for couples.

In October, I started listening to vinyl on my new record player. I had a lot of success with Craigslist for recruiting new volunteers. I got a fancy new oil shelf. I went with my coworkers to an Escape Room. I hit 12 months on Essential Rewards with Young Living. I went to a haunted forest. I had food from Laos for the first time. I celebrated two years of dating my husband. I spent Halloween with my husband, sister-in-law, and her family. I dressed up as a robber.

In November, I went apple picking with my coworkers. There, I saw a rocket launch and also saw the Vice President of the United States. I sang at the funeral of someone who went to my church. I got to see one of my big work goals be reached – a full band schedule. I visited an observatory at a local college and saw the moon close up. I visited my cousin who’s a kindergartner at lunch. I gifted a photo shoot to my parents with my wedding photographer. My first nephew was born. I planned for Christmas Eve services. I ended up in the ER for what would be an ongoing health issue. I spent my third Thanksgiving with the Harpers.

In December, I went to Nashville and was a bridesmaid in my friends’ wedding. I got my first flat tire. I threw a Music Team Christmas party! I went to Winterfest at King’s Dominion. I directed Christmas Eve services. I spent a weekend at the river with my in-laws. I visited my cousin in Charlottesville and met her fifth, sixth, and seventh children. I had my first married Christmas with my husband. I got my first ER bill…which was not my favorite part of the year.

2019 has been my most favorite year yet, and not once did I post about it on social media. As I make my return on Wednesday to the word of likes and comments and punny captions, I wonder if I’ll stay. I’ve been admittedly dying to return to Instagram, so I do look forward to that, but I imagine my return to Facebook will look like this: me activating my account, downloading all my pictures, and deactivating. Nothing nauseates me like an unwanted Facebook message. I wish I could be on there and disable the whole feature.

If you’ve seen my post about yearlong monthly challenges, I will be adjusting my sails a little bit. My goal of doing a January Whole 30 has been kind of derailed due to my throat struggles, which have been most recently discovered to be esophagus troubles. I will instead be aiming to up my water intake. It’s a post for another day, but I am truly miserable right now with everything that I’ve been dealing with for a month.


Here’s to 2020! May it be as wonderful as 2019. Onward into another decade!

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