A Mid-December Update

This month is flying by in the way it always does. I wanted to stop for a second and just share what all is happening, because trust me — it’s a lot.

For starters, just to follow up about my throat injury which happened on November 26th, I still am not back to 100%. Rice is still very difficult to consume, since it seems like it has trouble going down. Nuts are still difficult. Baby food and mashed potatoes are keeping me afloat. I am planning to make an ENT appointment tomorrow, since I’ve been referred by my PCP. It makes me sad, since it’s the time of year I want to be cooking as much as possible.

Most of my Christmas shopping is done. Financial planning, as well as planning when I’m buying specific gifts has been really helpful, since we are busy most evenings.

This past weekend, I went to FIVE parties. Friday night was our staff Christmas party, Saturday morning was a get-together/cookie exchange with some cousins, Saturday around lunch was a birthday party for my niece Emma who turned 1, Saturday evening was my Music Team’s Christmas Party, and then Sunday afternoon we got together with more of my mom’s family. That last gathering kind of sealed the deal for me – I am done with Sunday gatherings. This church employee gets up at 4:30am and works her butt off on Sundays. It leaves me with no energy left to spare. I become completely fetal.

Christmas Eve rehearsal went extremely well last week and apparently our room recordings led my pastor to tears…in a good way. I am really looking forward to watching all that work come to fruition and to see many people make their decision follow Christ through those services.

Some really cool stuff has been happening at work and overall, life is really good.

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