10 Things I Am Looking Forward To

It is such an exciting time of year and time of life for me currently. I thought I’d just list out some of the amazing things to come in my life to keep myself stoked for the future and to maybe inspire some excitement in your own life!


1. The birth of mine and my husband’s first nephew. His due date is tomorrow! C’mon, Clark!

2. Christmas Eve services at my church. I am really excited for the music and the volunteers I’ll get to work with. We’re currently hurting for vocalists for the event, though.

3. My trip to Nashville for my college roommate’s wedding. My friend Katie and my friend Tristan are getting married. I’ve known them their entire relationship and this is a really exciting event. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re getting married in the city where we met.

4. Payday. Just being honest! I got bills, too, you know.

5. Recording a Christmas song with my co-worker. We will be doing a duet of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

6. Starting Whole 30 on January 1, 2020. I am currently in full-on study mode. I’m going to try to accomplish this with my husband, but I foresee him having a difficult time.

7. CHRISTMAS! I am really fortunate to live with a husband who doesn’t care if I start decorating and celebrating before Thanksgiving. Especially with us being in full-time ministry, we need time to really experience and savor the season. Our first Christmas as newlyweds is particularly sweet, as well.

8. Music Team Christmas Party. I am throwing a party. I’m really bad at this type of thing. I’m an introverted girl. But, I do love the people I’m hosting!

9. Seeing my parents’ photos. We gifted them a mini session a couple days ago with our wedding photographer as a thank-you for our wedding.

10. Returning to social media. It’s been so long! I am very eager to get back to Instagram.

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