My Wedding Day

My wedding day started off at 6am, when I just couldn’t sleep any longer. I went and jumped on my parents’ bed and started singing Christmas songs. Then I did the same to my cousins/Maids of Honor who were in the next room. No one really moved.

I ate an unfrosted strawberry Poptart, and hopped in the shower. My cousin Michelle straightened my hair, and then both MOH’s went home. I headed off to get my hair and makeup done. 

After that, I had to run to Target to get a couple last-minute things and that meant getting a lot of stares from strangers. Then, I headed to the venue. When I arrived, I had a ton to carry in, and was met by one of my MOH’s (Michelle), the Best Man (Justin), and the Best Man’s girlfriend (Ally). It was a pretty chill time getting ready. My coordinator, Jennifer, was ready to rock n roll, my bridesmaid Lauren brought a full-length mirror she shared with two other bridesmaids, and our photographers got some beautiful details shots! 

Here are some shots of my husband and I getting ready…


We were running ahead of schedule, so we were able to get some pictures with the bridal party! Here is one sneak peek I received that features all the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

From left: my high school best friend Mary Kate, Jon’s friend Tyler, my cousin/MOH Savannah, Jon’s friend Ethan, my cousin/MOH Michelle, Jon’s friend Jake, me and my husband, my college roommate Kristina, the Best Man Justin, my college roommate Katie, Jon’s friend Morgan, and my friend since childhood Lauren.


Here’s the big KISS!


Reception pictures are still being edited, but here is our bubble exit.



Out of the whole day, there were only a few disappointments:

  1. One of my bridesmaids left inexplicably early.
  2. We had a wedding crasher who tried to interrupt the processional.
  3. My dear high school chorus teacher was so choked up, he forgot to play the recessional, which wasn’t too bad after all.

Some highlights were..

  1. Our food was delicious. Our caterer was phenomenal. Our cake was delicious.
  2. Our DJ was great at keeping everyone dancing.
  3. Our coordinator was a boss. Totally helped things go smoothly.
  4. “Mmmbop” lyrics in the ceremony.
  5. My cousin did a reading and was the perfect person for the job.
  6. I sang a song to Jonathan at the end of cocktail hour.
  7. I surprised Jonathan with his favorite song being sung by my friend in the ceremony.
  8. Getting all my closest friends in one place.
  9. The Father-Daughter dance was off the chain.
  10. The first look…and how haunting it was to sneak up on my groom in a big white room.

So many pictures will be shared here soon, as well as more stories from my wonderful honeymoon adventure. Stay tuned!


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