We are in the TEENS!

As I write this, we are SEVENTEEN days out from Wedding Day and once again, I am coming at you with yet another wedding planning update.

Since my last post, I have..

  • Been thrown another bridal shower by my fiancé’s family
  • Met with our officiant to go over final details
  • Selected the reading I want read in the ceremony
  • Been thrown a dinner celebration by my volunteers and my fiancé’s
  • Been thrown a surprise luncheon by my coworkers
  • Bought a wedding band for my fiancé
  • Met with my Mistress of Ceremonies to go over duties
  • Been taken to King’s Dominion as a wedding present from the Best Man and his girlfriend.
  • Moved a TON of stuff over to my future home
  • Gotten all my bridal portraits back
  • HOPEFULLY gotten all the RSVPs back

My favorite gift my fiancé and I have received so far was given to us two Saturdays ago. His grandparents gave us a copper bowl that was given to them when they got married 75 years ago. So neat.

We picked out some very simple vows with our officiant. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on Pinterest and looked at different vows that people are saying to each other nowadays, but some are just weird.

Speaking of Pinterest, here is the reading I found that will be read at the wedding!

The dinner that our volunteers threw us was really very sweet. They were very generous. We ate good food. It was a swell time had by all, especially when volunteers began to share stories of how they met their spouses.

Last week, our coworkers started acting very suspicious and they threw us a cookout inside, complete with a beautiful cake that was modeled after our invitation.


We bought Jonathan a wedding band from Walmart. What can I say? The price was RIGHT! He got a simple 4mm 10kt gold band.

My Mistress of Ceremonies/future neighbor and I got together and went over details over some delicious pizza. She’s very excited for the opportunity to use her teacher voice.

On Labor Day, my fiancé and I went to King’s Dominion with his Best Man/Best Friend and his girlfriend, and we had a great time. We rode a ton of rides. My favorite was the Dominator. We rode some very jerky rides. If you’re familiar with this park, just know Rebel Yell/Racer 75 (sure whatever) and Grizzly are THE WORST.

I will be sharing some of my bridal portraits here after the wedding. Stay tuned.

We have 142 people coming to this wedding. I can’t.

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