What’s On My Wedding Registry?

I would like to start this post by acknowledging that nobody owes me anything for getting married, and any gift my fiancé and I receive out of the goodness of someone’s heart in celebration of our upcoming marriage is appreciated. xoxo

I was an early bird on this, guys. Not this post, but starting registries. Yes, I mean plural. I have always looked forward to this part. There are really only two occasions in the average woman’s life where you can pick out things you want, show them publicly, then people will specifically buy the things on that list. The other occasion is obviously a baby shower, and well, that’s not really an interest of mine, so this was it.

I’ve heard it recommended by my favorite YouTuber, Moriah Robinson from the blog shesthatgirlguide.com that it’s good to look at three different price ranges: the lower-price items, kind of mid-range price items, and some higher-end options for those who want to really go all out. Just looking at our Target registry, the majority of the items fall under $25. The most expensive item on any of our registries was a KitchenAid Mixer. Surprisingly, that has already been purchased! The most expensive remaining item is a router. My future husband wants to save money in the longterm with Comcast by installing our own modem and router.

Here are a couple things we also included:

A knife set
A stainless steel Instant Pot inner pot 
Lots of toilet paper
A portable manual clothes washer
An immersion blender
An Instant Pot carrying case 

That’s just a few of the things we have picked out for our registry. One of the important things to due in the weeks leading up to your wedding, especially around the time where showers are being thrown, is to monitor your registries. Should you receive something that is not marked purchased on your registry, take it off, as to avoid duplicates. Not to mention, the products on Target.com go out of stock surprisingly fast and you need to pay attention to what can be purchased in-store in your area, and what’s only online. You will have those people who want their order shipped to their door, as well as people who want to go into a physical location (if applicable) and purchase items.

Upcoming stuff…

As July is coming to a close and August is approaching quickly, there are many big wedding events coming up! I am going on a bachelorette weekend getaway with my best friend and perhaps some other people this weekend to an unknown location. Also, I will have my makeup trial this upcoming Friday. Conveniently, I’ll look smokin’ for my bachelorette. I have meetings with my cocktail hour musician and my officiant. I have two showers on back-to-back weekends. Not to mention, some of my volunteers are throwing a dinner for my fiancé and I. On the same day as one of my showers, I will be getting my hair trial done, and taking bridal portraits. Talk about a hectic day!



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