I’m Joining a Herd Share!

You guys, I was beginning to wonder if it was in the cards for me, but I am officially joining a herd share!

Okay, but what on earth is a herd share?

Great question. A year ago, I had no idea. Let’s start at the beginning. In the state of Virginia, the sale of raw milk is illegal. However, herd sharing allows Virginians to purchase a share of a cow and obtain raw milk legally that way. Technically, I will partially own a cow! How neat is that?!

I found the farm that will be providing my raw milk through a blog post by my girl, Lisa Bass at Farmhouse on Boone. If you have any interest in learning more about raw milk itself, the pros and cons, whether or not it is legal in your state, and how to find raw milk, go ahead and click that hyperlink. She’s put together a wealth of information.

The farm that I was able to locate is Creambrook Farm. They conveniently drop-off to a location that is just a mile away from me every week. First things first, the Jersey cows on this farm are absolutely the most beautiful cows. Also, the farm is owned by a young family, Kristen and Ben Beichler. Because I’m off social media, I resorted to looking at Apple podcasts for any interviews with my farmers, and low and behold – there are two! So I’m getting to know my farmer better at this very moment. I just exchanged emails this morning with one of them and it looks like by Thursday, I’ll be picking up my first half gallon of raw milk to drink and enjoy.

I hope that sometime soon, I am able to go visit these gorgeous cows on the farm. I will keep you posted on my raw milk endeavor and possibly…some recipes.

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