I shared an original song with my church.

I got the opportunity on April 28th to share an original song, “He’s Not Done,” with my church. It was a truly vulnerable experience. For the series we are in, I pitched about six originals and this song was kind of an after-thought that I put on the suggestion list, took off, and put back on because “it’s never going to get picked anyways!”

It was written back in 2017 and during a time in my life where I was having a difficult time and truthfully, I hated myself. I was having trouble feeling worthy. I was finally in a really great relationship, after a string of disastrous ones. The song’s just vague enough to be about trusting God in any kind of adversity to someone who knows nothing about the song.

I got to film a video intro for the song, which put the song into context very well. It received very positive reception. I had a lady come up to me after the service and tell me that she connected greatly to the song and is going through a situation right now where she has to remind herself that God is still working in her life.

Since that day, I’ve heard numerous comments about people connecting to the song and wanting to share it. I even got asked to reprise the song at an upcoming children’s event at my church. So, that’s all very encouraging.

In other news….

I also cut back on my counselor visits! I started out going once a week for a few months, then cut back in January of this year to once every two weeks. Moving forward, I will be coming once a month, and that is going to be a wonderful thing.

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