Steps Toward a Simple Life

Is it spring yet? Hint: No. No, it is not. 

I woke up to a frosted windshield on my car this morning and begrudgingly went for my scraper. Hopefully, this is the final time until much later in the year.

Lately, I’ve been very enthusiastic about learning some traditional cooking skills. For a while now, one of my absolute favorite YouTube personalities has been Lisa Bass from the blog/channel Farmhouse on Boone. She shares about natural living, food from scratch, and her family’s hand-made home. She is the culprit behind my allure surrounding the Instant Pot, my inspiration for my future simple life as a wife in an older home, and as of late – my minimalist fashion icon.

As someone who is subscribed to her blog’s email list, I received an email about her friend Jill Winger’s Heritage Cooking Crash Course. Jill runs a blog called The Prairie Homestead. I immediately knew I wanted to check out her course, and luckily, at the time there was a preview being offered. I watched some of her videos and a couple of days later, I took the plunge and decided to purchase the bundle she offers.

I have recently purchased a yogurt culture from Cultures for Health that has been probably the best purchase I have made…ever. I have made yogurt with this culture in my Instant Pot three times now, and tonight will be the fourth time. It’s cost-effective and delicious. Last night, I went ahead and ordered cultures for kombucha, hard cheese, and soy-free tempeh. I am excited to give all three of these a try.

My first project I have started after watching videos from the Heritage Cooking Crash Course has been creating my very own sourdough starter. I checked in with it this morning and man, is it sour! I guess I’m doing it right. It’s pretty neat how one can create this by capturing yeast from the air

I have been considering incorporating meat back into my diet once I get married. Interestingly enough, last night, my fiancé got terribly grossed out by the red meat he was consuming and has sworn it off. I am not sure how long that will last.

That’s the latest with me! I’m just gettin’ down in the kitchen and trying to get scientific.


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