Off Social Media, Starting a Compost, and Wedding Planning

Today is March 6, 2019 and that means that it has been just about 64 days since I (finally) made the decision to hit pause on my social media accounts. It’s sad, but this is the longest that I have abstained from social media since opening my Facebook account in 2009. So far so good. I am extremely out of the loop, which is hard to get used to. Example: I just logged on to CCLI SongSelect and saw one of my college classmates in a group photo on the home page. Naturally, I sent a screenshot to a few of my fellow classmates. They all already knew from social media. WHOOPS! It was still cool to find out like this, I will admit.

You can tell from this post’s title, yes, I did indeed start a compost, and frankly, thank GOD I did. I have a gauge now on just how much food waste I create and I’ve hopefully done a good thing here. I’m not excellent at remembering to turn my compost. Truthfully, I attempted it for the first time today. However, it is about 30 degrees outside today and by the time I got my hands on a shovel, my hands were beginning to go numb. Another thing I have not been excellent at has been covering up my compost when it rains like crazy, which has been happening far too often around here. This process has given me fresh motivation to truly put to good use all the produce I buy and be sure not to let any of it go bad, since well, I can see all my food scraps every time I empty my compost bowl!

As far as the wedding plans go, I still suck at it. We still need a DJ. What else is new? I sat down with my fiancé and my parents this past weekend and we went over a few things about the wedding. Some of my stances shocked and angered my parents, but I decided to stand firm. I’m glad that I did! I’m very behind in a lot right now, but things will get done at some point or another. Engagement pictures (round two) are coming up in a few weeks, so that will be nice.

I had parainfluenza a couple weeks ago, which is a virus that mimics the flu. That took me out for about 4 whole days and I still have a lingering dry cough, unfortunately. But I am glad to be back at work.


Well, that’s the scoop. This weekend I will attend my first bachelorette party experience for my friend Emily, and I don’t really know what I have gotten myself into. THEN, I will go to a bridal shower on Sunday. So, big weekend ahead. ‘Til next time.

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