Bring on the Traveling!

This past month has been really exciting. My calendar has been filling up with trips and to-do’s. I have booked three Airbnb stays, reserved a rental car, and I spent a lot time considering whether or not to fly and when to buy. Ultimately, I decided against air travel for the year. I love flying, so this was difficult, but after I get married, I have a travel buddy to consider in my travel plans, and I found it was always cheaper to drive.

TRIP #1: CHARLOTTESVILLE. My friend Emily’s bachelorette weekend will be in Charlottesville. This will be my first time staying in an Airbnb! It’s a cute house.

TRIP #2: OUTER BANKS. I will be joining my future in-laws on their family vacation for two nights. It would’ve been great to join them for more days, but it just didn’t pan out. This will be the day after I am a part of my friend Emily’s local (praise God) wedding.

TRIP #3: LINDEN. I have never been here! I am traveling there for a wedding for my best friend’s little sister. I am only staying for one night, but I will enjoy the opportunity to get away

TRIP #4: SMOKY MOUNTAINS. This will be the honeymoon spot! We have booked our Airbnb. Looking forward to Dollywood and spending time with my new husband.

TRIP #5: NASHVILLE. This trip will be for my college roomie, Katie’s wedding. We have booked an Airbnb that is luckily right around the corner from the venue. I’m really looking forward to this trip! We are renting a car for this as well.


I look forward to a year of traveling and new adventures! Not to mention that 3 of those 5 will be with my love. It’s a good year!

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