Young Living Products I Use Daily

You’ve already heard me rave about how much I love Young Living, and I am not joking! These are products, not limited to essential oils, that I use every single day and I have decided to share the list of products that I turn to every day with you.

Here are the morning routine products:

Thieves Dentarome Plus Toothpaste. After two years of knowing about aluminum being a key ingredient in most mainstream deodorants, and trying a bunches of different “natural” deodorant that just made me smell like sweat and flowers, I was frustrated. One day I heard a Young Living distributor, Abigail Aviva, sharing on her YouTube channel how she used this toothpaste as her deodorant. I was running low on toothpaste at the time, so I thought, “What the heck?” and bought some. I will say, at first, the minty sensation took some getting used to, but this toothpaste is my ideal product and I won’t be switching to another any time soon.


Purification, Tea Tree & Young Living Acne Treatment. I am going through a season of really difficult skin. These three are my go-to’s and I layer them one on top of the other. I deal with hormonal/cystic acne, which is beneath the skin, so I can only do so much, but with other types of acne, I have seen these work well and very quickly.


Lavender and Elemi is in a roller that I apply to my forehead and my cheeks with grapeseed oil as a moisturizer.


Seedlings Baby Wipes. I love these baby wipes. I use them to freshen up and to take my makeup off on those nights where I have absolutely no energy to do a deep clean. It’s not great, but certainly better than nothing. Not to mention, these wipes smell amazing and are non-toxic. I tear them in half to get the most bang for my buck. Some people I know use them in place of dryer sheets.


Savvy Minerals Makeup. This is Young Living’s non-toxic makeup line. I currently use their blush, their multitasker for my brows, and their mineral foundation. I’ve found that the multitasker and blush really last a long time but I have been a little heavy handed with the foundation. I also use their mascara, which I absolutely love. It’s infused with lavender, and may help promote healthy lash growth.


That’s my morning routine. Here are the oils I turn to in the workplace.


Stress Away. It doesn’t need much of an explanation, but this blend is so relaxing. When I first got my kit, I was totally grossed out and thought it smelled like a very strong mixed drink. Now, I’m a huge fan. I put tons of this on my neck, shoulders, wrists, forearms, whatever.


Valor. This oil is one of the more expensive oils I use regularly. I have made my 5ml bottle last a year by putting it in roller blends. I’ve used it a lot in the last couple months for emotional support and it is certainly working.


Thieves. I diffuse this because cold and flu season is no joke. I need all the immune support I can get and if I can get it while I’m working in my office, that’s even better.


Thieves Spray. I keep this stuff in my car throughout the year to spray my hands with after going into stores. It’s a routine now for me.


Here are my evening Young Living Products:


Thieves. I diffuse this at night because like I said, I need the immune support and if I can get it while I’m working and sleeping, it’s really a no-brainer. I also have an IMMUNE roller I apply to the bottoms of my feet that contains Oregano and Frankincense as well.


Rose Ointment. I apply under my eyes as a night-time moisturizer.


Progessence Plus. I apply a couple drops to my wrists and my neck. This blend is particularly helpful for hormones.


SclarEssence Vitality. I put a drop under my tongue and it has a great relaxing effect.


Peppermint. I apply this to my hairline and temples if I have any head tension before bed. This oil has been a miracle worker for me.


So that’s all that I use on a daily basis. There are many more that I incorporate about once a week, like the Thieves Laundry Soap. I love what using these products has meant for me. I’ve been able to eliminate ingredients that are harmful to me and I’ve been able to incorporate ones that boost my immune system and help with female health and many other things. I will continue to share about how they have impacted my life and I hope it is useful to you.


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