My Top 3 Favorite Podcasts

I live a very fast-paced life. Maybe you can relate to this. Also, I’ve never been one to focus on one task. Even when I was younger, I’d “watch” a movie while reorganizing my room or cleaning out my closet. This has carried over into adulthood and currently one of my favorite ways to multitask is listening to podcasts. I listen to podcasts in the car, in my office while doing paperwork, as I shower, while I meal prep, and before I go to bed. This has been a consistent habit for the majority of this year. I’ve dabbled with a few different ones and I think I finally have found the shows that I get the most out of.



  • The Goal Digger Podcast. This kind of hit me out of nowhere, honestly. I forget how I even discovered Jenna Kutcher and her podcast. But once I started listening, I was hooked! I love Jenna’s personality and vulnerability. Her show has featured some powerhouse women and the content she has put out has helped me discover goals within me that I want to achieve. I’ve learned a lot and trust me when I say, this is so much more than a business and marketing podcast.
  • The Bristows Made a Baby! I have watched Becca Bristow on YouTube for a little over a year now and she is one of my favorite people watch, as we share interest in essential oils and nutrition. I’ve followed this podcast from episode 1, so I’ve been with Becca and Matt every step of the way so far as they document their pregnancy and cover all the ins and outs of their journey to meeting their daughter. It’s educational, light-hearted, and sometimes really stinkin’ hilarious. I will say, this is one of those podcasts I need to listen to privately. The other day I was listening to it on my phone without headphones as I walked into work, and Becca’s husband began to discuss the shape of her uterus. I could’ve died. Luckily, nobody heard or raised any questions about it.
  • Rise Podcast. I had heard of the best-selling book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and the title did spark my curiosity, but I had never discovered her top-charting podcast. There have truthfully been a few moments where my “discernment light” has gone off and I have felt that she has given me some concerning information, but I try to “eat the fish and spit out the bones.” Much of the information she has shared on her podcast, which I categorize both as motivational and business-related, I have found to be just the kick in the pants I need, and has helped shift my mind away from a victim mentality and towards picking myself back up and being my own advocate. This is something that I need often.



I am always on the hunt to listen to a good interview with someone that I look up to or who has an inspiring story, so if you have some podcasts or episodes that you think I should listen to, leave a comment below!


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