As I sit at my laptop to write this, the weather outside is chilly and leaves are just starting to fall. It’s no secret to those close to me, I love fall. This time of year has brought some of my most favorite memories in the past. There’s an air of excitement and newness to my life as…well…leaves are dying. As we are currently just about three weeks into fall, I think it’s a proper time to share with you my most favorite things this season.



  • Bean Boots. I have wanted a pair of Bean boots probably since I opened up a Tumblr account (likely 2012) and found myself following Kiel James Patrick and his beautiful New England fall photography. I finally took the plunge a couple weeks ago when L.L. Bean was having a sale online and got myself a wonderful pair of versatile boots. I love these because they are comfortable, classic, perfect for snow, perfect for rain, perfect for mud, and I have room to wear thick socks when it’s cold. I expect that due to the investment, these will endure quite a few years of wear.
  • Ponte Pants. If you have yet to discover this pant/legging hybrid, then I am proud to be the one to share the good news. Ponte pants are generally thicker material than leggings, often resemble dress pants with a tighter fit, and have a stretchy waistband up top. I’ve found these at many stores over the years. They’ve been in stores since at least 2012, but I keep coming back to them because they’re a great option to pair with chunky long sweaters and they’re a bit warmer than your average pair of leggings.
  • Flannels. I know, I know. No brainer. Everyone has at least one flannel in their fall clothing collection, so I won’t spend too much time explaining why. But I will say that a great option for great flannel is to buy from the men’s section at Walmart. I have a couple “men’s” Walmart flannels, and they are certainly my most worn fall pieces. They’re warm, super inexpensive, and versatile. I wear them open with a shirt underneath, tied around my waist, and buttoned with the sleeves rolled up. You can dress them up or down. Ten out of ten would recommend.
  • Fall essential oil diffuser blends. I have posted about my favorites from Young Living before and one thing that I love about their oils is that it has helped me (almost completely) eliminate toxic candles from my life. Full disclosure, there’s one candle I’m really having trouble letting go of. Darn you, nostalgia! Some of my favorite oils to diffuse during fall are: Clove, Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Orange, Thieves, Christmas Spirit, Raven, and RC. Diffusing these oils and combinations of these oils is non-toxic, cozy, and helps create a festive environment.
  • Spiced Apple Oatmeal. This is my favorite breakfast I’ve been making lately and I plan on posting the recipe for it soon. Stay tuned! 😉
  • Halloweentown. It seems like every year, Hocus Pocus gets all the attention. No offense to Hocus Pocus, I own it on DVD as well. But the Halloweentown series is always my go-to at this time of year. I own all four movies. Yes, even the fourth movie with a different main actress. I’m still bummed they stopped creating movies and it’s been over ten years since they stopped.
  • Good jeans. I have been a loyal customer to American Eagle since 2011. I had struggled to find a flattering pair of jeans that wouldn’t lose its shape all throughout high school and finally after graduation, I began my first job at my local mall and that is where my denim love affair truly began. I can count on consistency in size and fit with American Eagle and that’s really what’s kept me coming back every time I need more jeans, which is about once every 10 months, as they do get a lot of wear. This is the current pair I am obsessed with. It’s high-waisted, super stretchy, and a great wash.



So those are just some of my most favorite things for this time of year. What are your favorites? Leave a comment. Sharing is caring. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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